<p>Hi, I'm new on here and I'm really anxious about whether or not I can get into UT. I have okay-ish grades/test scores and a lot of extenuating circumstances.</p>

<p>My overall GPA is a 4.2/5 but I got a 3.5 freshman year which really drags it down.
My ACT is a 32 and SAT 2070
-I'm pretty sure that's like low/average for UT but I'm not sure because naviance only has one previous applicant from my school. I'm out of state.</p>

<p>For extenuating circumstances, freshman year I had a lot of trouble at home because my parents were contemplating divorce and moving in/out constantly. Also, a lot of my friends were getting into drugs and trashing me for trying to stop them until I finally gave up.
I have no extra curriculars because my grandma fell sick at the beginning of the year and I was the one responsible for watching over her because my parents didn't feel like spending the money to hire a nurse even though they could afford it.
I also didn't start taking AP courses until this year because I was physically abused for an A- or lower in any of my classes.
^^All of this was mentioned in my essay C and counselor recommendation.</p>

<p>I would be so grateful if anybody who knows more about the UT admission process could chance me on this because UT is one of my top choices. Thanks in advance.</p>

<p>I have a similar gpa/sat/act, but am not in your personal situation. Even though you don't have ec's, you can really show who you are through your essays. If you don't mind me saying so, your experiences make for a very compelling essay. Good luck, and don't lose hope.</p>