<p>Blah. It seems like you need to be either really passionate about one thing, or be an amazing athlete to get into a school like this… Neither of which really applies to me, but here is a quick overview of my stats anyway. Let me know.</p>

<p>Grade Average: 97/100
Rank: Top 2%
SAT: 2230 (CR 660, M 770, W 800)
Main ECs: President Math Club/Math Team, Secretary Spanish, Yearbook Editor, National Honor Society, Hospital Volunteer (A few other other random ones… Social Studies Club, General Students Organization (sort of like volunteer work around school… Vendor at athletic venues, etc))
Awards: 1st place Biology Fair, 2nd place Art Contest, Hospital Volunteer 50+ hours, National Merit Scholarship Finalist</p>

<p>i know what you mean. i am passionate about a lot of things but how to express them? like i love art and music and theater but im not in art shows or any musicals because i suck at all of these things.</p>

<p>Yeah exactly.. I mean, I know I'll get into a good school.. I've just always hoped for something great.</p>

<p>Like, I really enjoy math.. Which may sound funny to some of you. (Math?!) So other than joining the Mathletes team at school (which I actually won a silver pin for), how can I express my interest in math? My high Math SAT score? That doesn't really say much, except that I'm good at taking a standardized test. I do tutor kids sometimes, but still.. Lots of teens do that.</p>

<p>Then there's Spanish. I love learning a new language, and am interested in exploring Anthropology in college because it combines a lot of things I like -- History, language, biology, foreign cultures.. And would give me a chance to study abroad, which I REALLY want to do.
I remember in 3rd grade, my school had an International Festival.. We worked in groups and made display tables about different countries.. It was amazing. (I did Kenya.. We had corn bread on display because corn is on of their chief imports or exports (I don't even remember which, ha)), I think we had coffee to drink because.. aren't there coffee beans in Kenya? And we had a Make Your Own Necklace/Bracelet With These Beads station because Kenyans love to adorn themselves and they're big on jewelry and stuff like that. This was my fondest memory of elementary school, and I tried organizing a World Cultures Club at my school, but it never went through. =( I would have LOVED that.</p>

<p>And then there's art. Although I haven't done much artwork lately outside of my class at school, it's something I really love, and I used to be in a Studio Art class where I created quite a few pieces that I'm proud of, including a pencil sketch of a sneaker (the thing that won me 2nd prize at my school's art contest last year). Even if I were to take an art class on Saturdays or Sundays, how much would that help? (Although I really should consider it just as a means of relaxing.)</p>


<p>haha im not into math but i see to you in other areas. im learning spanish on my own right now because i also love languages, and i love trying to save the world... i started a young activists club at my school and created a huge school-wide Darfur awareness program. but i feel like everything i say in my application makes it seem like i'm trying too hard. i just got rejected from columbia (losers, they wish they could have me back) so either i took the wrong approach on my application or i am just not good enough. or they just don't like me. are you a senior? cause your stats are really great, which might be enough. what are your essays about? where else will you apply?</p>

<p>I'm actually a Junior, lol.. I'm kind of embarassed to be here b/c I'm not a senior.. Columbia wishes they could have you, you seem like a genuinely interesting and intelligent person. I'm sure wherever you go will be great.
Thanks for the compliment about my stats and stuff. So yeah, I don't have any essays yet. Brown is where I want to go most, and I also think I'll apply to Georgetown when the time comes.. Those would be my 2 reaches. As a Good Match, maybe Tufts, and as a Safety, maybe Boston U. I dunno, I have time.. Thanks for the input. =)</p>

<p>oh, plenty of time, and i'm sure your SAT score will go up. don't work too hard yet, but also don't blow anything off... i didn't decide to apply out of state until september, so i've been working my ass off. see you at brown, if we're lucky!</p>

<p>lol Yup! Hope so. Thanks again.</p>