<p>If you could please "chance me" for the following colleges, that would be much appreciated:
{Stanford, UC Berkeley, Brown, Yale, Columbia, Virginia Tech, UVa, UMichigan, UWashington, Georgia Tech, UChicago, MIT, Georgetown, Duke, Cornell} (Engineering School); {UPittsburgh, VCU} (GMed; Engineering)</p>


<p>School Profile:
Student in magnet program for science, mathematics and technology (by application)
Silver-medal school</p>

<p>Academic Profile:
UW GPA: 3.5
W GPA: 4.6
Class rank: ~top 10-15%
Courses completed:
9 Honors
10 Honors
11 Honors
12 AP
1a (IB middle school)
1b (IB middle school)
2 (IB middle school)
3 (normal; only level offered)
4 Honors
5 AP
World History I (IB middle school)
World History II Honors
AP United States History
Government (normal; Summer)
Social Studies:
AP Psychology
Earth Science (IB middle school)
Biology Honors
Chemistry Honors
Physics Honors
AP Biology
AP Chemistry
AP Physics C
Algebra I (IB middle school)
Geometry Honors
Algebra II Honors
Trigonometry Honors
AP Calculus AB
AP Statistics
Microbiology and Microscopy (Honors)
Advanced Mathematics Topics (Honors)
Mathematical Modeling (Honors)
Biomedical Engineering (Honors)
Art I (IB middle school)</p>

<p>(4/5 on every AP test taken to-date)</p>

*I have more, but my main focus is devoted to these:
FIRST Robotics (leadership; heavily involved)
Forensics (public speaking; heavily involved)
Chess Team
Physics Club
SO (volunteering)
Key (volunteering)
Medical Club</p>

<p>Debate Club (involvement to be developed; scheduling)
FBLA (involvement to be developed; scheduling)
Battle of the Brains (involvement to be developed; scheduling)
Tutor (with an established company)
11hrs. per week</p>

<p>"CEO" (personal company)
concerns engineering</p>

Research in bioengineering
Research in cancer
Awards at numerous science competitions
Authored a book concerning economy</p>

<p>Standardized Testing:
SAT I: 710 Math; 710 Critical Reading; 750 Writing (1420 two-score; 2170 total)
SAT II Biology: 750
SAT II Math 2: 710
SAT II Chemistry: 710
SAT II United States History: 760</p>

<p>With good recommendation letters and essays, do I have a chance as an engineering applicant?</p>

<p>Thanks, guys.</p>

<p>I neglected to mention the following:</p>

Underrepresented minority</p>


Basic programming (HTML, XML, CSS, etc...)</p>

Science fairs
Forensics competitions

Recreational basketball (winter)
Recreational soccer (year-round)</p>

<p>Thanks, again.</p>

<p>Anybody have an opinion?</p>

<p>Match: UCBerkeley, UVA, UMich, UWashington, Georgia Tech, UPitt, VTech
Medium Reach: Brown, Georgetown, Cornell, Duke, UChicago
High Reach: MIT, Stanford, Yale, Columbia</p>

<p>Great stats for URM. The only thing that will hurt a lot is your ranking.</p>

<p>Thanks. I appreciate the honesty.
I still have time, what can I do to improve? Anybody else?</p>