<p>White male at competitive public school.</p>

GPA: 3.56 UW and 3.80 W (terrible grades sophomore year but probably a 4.20 junior year)
SAT: 1850
Extra: football, baseball (can play here), fbla, best buddies, community service club, student government
9 honors, 1 AP (US History and 3 on test)</p>


<p>Looks good! Case isn't a safety for you but definitely reachable-- I was accepted with 1790, 3.4 UW GPA, 15 Honors/1 AP, and a few really serious ec's. </p>

<p>My recommendation-- work on your essays- they're really important and Case loves interesting essays! Also- your recommendations from teachers and your counselor are also crucial. Don't sweat it though- Case is awesome at seeing great things in great students that aren't 2400/4.0 students :)</p>

<p>that's very helpful, thank you!</p>