<p>I just retook all of my standardized tests after I was rejected from a school early this year because of my math SAT score and I think improved enough after studying for 1 month straight…</p>

<p>SAT: 1790 (math went from 470 to 560, CR 610 W 620) I know its low
ACT: 26 (math went from 20 to 24)
Gpa: my school doesn’t really do them but 3.5 UW and we don’t weigh, I get all as and a-s with about 2 b+s a term</p>

<p>QUESTION: does BU cross ACT and SAT scores like some schools do? Because when my 24 math ACT converts to SAT its about a 590…making my SAT then 1820</p>

<p>I come from a REALLY competitive small private school in PA that is all girls. I have tons of ECs like varsity field hockey all 4 years, VP and Secretary of PA junior classical league, 4 years double language, people to people student ambassador and just travelled to europe with them this summer, participated in westinghouse honors programs junior year, take ap classes, upward trend in grades, editor of newspaper/member all 4 years, member of various clubs at school, work 2 jobs all year round, etc</p>

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<p>BU might admit you because of your strong varied ECs, but honestly your SAT scores are still on the low end, which worries me a bit. I've never heard of crossing SAT and ACT scores, so I can't really answer that. You seem like a strong student at school, but your test scores don't really match up. I would try to make the essays count, especially for BU, where the supplement gives you a nice opportunity to articulate who you are. Just being honest though, your SAT scores still might be a problem, unless you're an URM.</p>

<p>Yeah Ik the scores are low but im hoping that they will look at the bigger picture. From what I've seen and heard statistically the range of admittance based on scores for act is average 26-9 and around 1800 for sat so I think im in the lower end of the average pool...but at least im not as much of a red flag I used to be with even lower math scores</p>

<p>I wrote really good essays that all point towards me as a person, so they will definitely get to know me as a student/human being. I've also visited and done the ultimate terrier tour and did their Latin scholarship competition so they know im interested.</p>

<p>I think their admission decision will show whether they care more about scores or the applicant as a student and person..</p>

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