<p>I am applying to 10 top schools and would like to know my chances
Williams-did ED got deferred
Boston College
Washington University
University of Rochester

SAT I: 780 M 740 CR 710 W- 2230 total
SAT II: Math 2-800 Physics-800 Bio M- 790 Chemistry-770 (took as freshmen without studying)
Physics B -5
Bio -5
American -4
GPA- Weighted 100.41
Rank 24/670</p>

National Achievement Scholar, AP scholar</p>

President Academic Team
President Economics Team
Secretary SADD
Secretary Mu Alpha Theta
National Science honor society
National Honor Society
Gardening Club
Ultimate frisbee team</p>

<p>Work experience
4 years as a Camp counselor</p>

<p>Senior Schedule
Ap Calculus bc
Shakespeare/ Myth and Legend half year courses
Ordinary Differential Equations Honor
Ap physics C
Ap macro economics
lifeguarding (gym) health</p>

<p>Your stats and resume are solid but your rank and "vanilla ECs" make you somewhat of a longshot for the Ivy schools on your list. I'm thinking you will get good news from BC, Rochester, and possibly Northwestern, and "no's" at the others. Good luck at all, however. </p>

<p>Boston College-match
Brown- high reach
Columbia- high reach
Cornell- low to mid reach
Middlebury- low to mid reach
Northwestern- very high match
Washington University- mid reach
University of Rochester- match
Yale- very high reach</p>

<p>might look at some top LAC'S like Holy Cross and Colgate both similar to Williams with strong academics and good athletics. Holy Cross has January 15th application due date and has one of the better alumni networks for jobs/grad school. HC and Colgate compete in the Patriot League against most Ivies. Boston College is 3-4 times the size of Midd and Williams.</p>

<p>any safety schools? and what are your essays and recs like? It's more then just numbers</p>