<p>Applying ED2, Applicant from Pennsylvania</p>

<p>SAT - 1880 (760 CR, 580 M, 540 W)
SAT II - 670 World History, 660 Literature, 610 USH
ACT - 28 (32 Reading, 27 English, 24 Math, 30 Sci)
4 on World History AP</p>

Freshman year - 79.5 UW, 82.23 W (Bad, I know)
Sophomore year - 84.75 UW, 88.2 W
Junior year - 83 UW, 88.72 W
Senior year - 88.4 UW, 93.65 W (Classes - AP Chem, AP Euro, Precalc, English12, Economics/Gov)</p>

<p>(83.913 UW, 88.2 W) - 4 year average</p>

<p>Extensive ECs - Raised over $20,000 for humanitarian mission to Nicaragua (Also topic of my supplement essay), 4 years in Interact club, 4 years in Environmental club (One as president), 2 years in school play (One with lead role), 4 years in student senate, and 4 years on school building level planning team.</p>

<p>Great essays and recommendations (Principal wrote me one, only one he did this year)</p>

<p>Visited Colgate in October and fell in love with Colgate, Hamilton, and how integrated they are.</p>

<p>You sound like an interesting person. Because of your scores and especially GPA< I am a bit concerned. Hope that admissions views your whole package favorably and that you will hear good news soon. What are your back up schools?</p>

<p>Your rising GPA is very good and I doubt the early grades which weren't so good will be held against you much. Your test scores are a little weak in the math and writing, unfortunately, but test scores aren't the main factor in decisions and your verbal is very impressive as are some of your other scores. Admissions may like your strengths in those areas. We can't all be top scholars in every field. </p>

<p>Your AP courses, extracurriculars, and other factors may weight in your favor. If you're an athlete, that would help, as well, but you would have mentioned that. I'd say you have a decent chance of admission, but should also apply to a lot of similar schools and a few back-ups since lots of very good students are turned down by Colgate every year, unfortunately. </p>

<p>Glad you visited and liked the place. It is gorgeous! One ranking system chose Colgate as the nation's most beautiful campus, and it is certainly one of the most beautiful campuses. The town of Hamilton is small and a little confining after you've been there a few years, but pretty and easy to enjoy, too.</p>

<p>If I just saw your scores and grades I'd say no way, but you have some good soft factors, and with good essays and recs you have a decent chance. Even better if you don't need aid, probably.</p>