<p>Hi! I'm a female student from New Jersey, and University of Delaware is my #1 school! I applied as a nursing freshman. I was wondering if anyone had any idea what my chances are since I love this school so much!!!</p>

<p>GPA: 3.5 weighted
SAT: 1850 (Math = 510; Writing = 650 [essay = 10]; Reading = 690)
ACT: 27</p>

-Biology (full year course, I have block scheduling at my school)</p>

-Freshman year: English 1; World Cultures
-Sophomore year: English 2; Lab Chemistry; French 4
-Junior year: Advanced Writing and World Literature; Anatomy and Physiology
-Senior year: Research and Issues</p>

<p>I also took college level biology freshman year AND emerging diseases/forensics junior year (look good for nursing?) </p>

-JV soccer 2 years and captain sophomore year
-Varsity soccer 2 years and captain senior year
-Club soccer and winter/summer leagues all throughout high school
-MVP of high school soccer team (got a plaque in school)
-Hall of Fame game for soccer (best girl players picked for a game against each other)
-Volunteer at Riding High Farm (barn for disabled riders) for 6 years
-Volunteer at annual fair (parking etc.)
-Volunteer with Crosswicks-Doctors Creek Watershed Association (registration table for kayak and canoe races/tours, promotional materials etc.)
-Babysitter (and pet sitter haha)
-Camp counselor
-School spirit group member
-Political group member
-Enthusiastic Reader winner in 9th, 10th and 11th grades</p>

<p>I also had an interview at UDel on December 6, 2011.</p>

<p>All your stats, HS course rigor, EC's, Sports involvement are very impressive. I can provide you with the following information I posted on a thread in CC's Nursing Boards:</p>

<p>"From a UD Nursing Dept. Faculty member I was able to find out that for the current freshman nursing class there were over 1400 applications for admission. Approximately 300 students were accepted (about 21% acceptance rate) with the class ending up at 140 students. These over 1400 applications included both in-state and OOS applicants (I do not have a breakdown of percentage of in-state verses OOS applicants but the overwhelming majority were OOS applicants). However, UD does appear to give some level of priority to in-state applicants in nursing. The current nursing freshman class is comprised of only about 60% of OOS students (80-85 students). Based on this disparity I therefore believe the OOS acceptance rate for nursing admission was well below 20%. These data support the fact that nursing, along with chemical engineering, are the two most competitive majors for admission to UD for OOS applicants (info from admission staff member)."</p>

<p>It is also my "understanding" that UD expects the number of applicants for nursing to be even higher this year than last year as interest is nursing continues to increase. They also "expect" that the credentials of the applicants will also increase so competition will be even be tougher. With all this being said it would be my perspective that you certainly are very competitive for admission to nursing. It sounds like you really want to go to UD for nursing so I sincerely hope you are accepted. UD is a "hidden gem" for nursing but unfortunately for applicants the word is starting to get around. Best of luck to you.</p>

<p>thank you so much i really appreciate the time you took to find this info for me! :) and thank you i hope i get in too!!!!!!! :)</p>

<p>Whoops i just realized that i messed up my SAT scores wow....hahahaha okay my math is 540 and writing is 620</p>

<p>With a math score of 540 and reading score of 690 (1230 combined), coupled with an ACT score of 27, I feel once again, as I previously indicated, that you are very competitive for admission as a nursing major. You should be finding out in about a month. I would recommend beginning to check online at your MyUD site beginning around Friday March 9th (based on the corresponding date from last year). However, only the written acceptance packet is official. UD has a great Nursing Program and it continues to improve in quality/status/recognition. My D graduated with her BSN from UD in 2010. Following graduation she was able to land an amazing highly competitive (nearly a thousand applicants for only about 10 entry level BSN slots) position at New York Presbyterian/Cornell Medical Center in NYC on one of Cornell's Neurological Intensive Care Units. She was just recently accepted into the top Nursing Graduate School Program in the country (for her MSN as a Family Health Nurse Practitioner) at the University of Pennsylvania. The point I am trying to make here is that a BSN from UD can be a springboard to taking you anywhere you want to go as a nurse. Best of luck to you. If I was a betting person I would wager that 6 weeks from now you will be preparing to attend accepted students day. If you feel Ok with it let us know how you make out.</p>

<p>Wow thank you so much again! You really just gave me a huge confidence boost. Thank you! I check My Blue Hen home almost everyday hahaha so no worries there! I agree, UD is seriously the best program I have looked at so far and I am just in love with everything about the school. Also, congrats to your daughter! That is an amazing start she has gotten to her career! She is basically living my dream right now; I want to eventually go to UPenn and get my master's to become a Nurse Practioner (though not in family health.) And i will definitely tell you the outcome in a few weeks :) Thanks again!</p>