<p>D received a deferral notice in late Dec. SMU asked for additional info if she cared to provide any. Her stats haven't changes much since original application, GPA ticked up a few hundredths: 28 ACT, 3.57 GPA, upper 17% of class, pretty solid ECs. </p>

<p>Thoughts on chances of acceptance?</p>

<p>She has a pretty good shot of getting in if her 1st semester senior year grades were good. I am very familiar with SMU considering i live a few blocks from campus and know several ppl who were accepted with lower stats. However, I attend a difficult private school in Dallas with very good ties to smu. nevertheless, id expect an acceptance.
Best of luck.</p>

<p>I have many friends from my private school that were accepted upon being deferred! I think you're fine- your D's stats are better than theirs were!</p>

<p>I got an acceptance, plus a scholarship, with a 28 ACT so I think your daughter should be okay! However, I had a bit of a higher GPA and a legacy hook under my belt.</p>

<p>It may behoove your daughter to send in an extra rec letter, some supplementary material such as an award or honor she could've received recently, or try taking the ACT again if it isn't too late. Maybe she could write a polite letter explaining how important it is to her that she be accepted into SMU just to put her name back out there.</p>