<p>I know there are like a million of these “chancs of getting in??” posts, so I appreciate anyone who could help me.</p>

<p>I am a male from New Jersey
My ethnicity is “other”.
I attend a Catholic private High School</p>

<p>My best SAT 1 scores are:
640 CR
640 W
760 M</p>

<p>SAT II: </p>

<p>660 Chem
740 Math 1C
570 Biology (freshman year)</p>

<p>School does not rank
94.2 unweigthted average after 3 and a half years
100.5 weighted average after 3 and a half years
I always took all honors(Humanities)
No AP’s as a junior - (school doesnt really offer)
this year 1 honors with 4 APs (Spanish, Calc BC, Biology, Stats)</p>


<p>Math Club president (junior and senior years)
Peer minister(junior and senior years)
Eucharistic minister(senior year)
JBMAC board member(junior and senior years)
Student Government Association member(junior and senior years)
Junior Statesmen of America (4 years)- Director of Logistics(senior year only)
Church Basketball team captain (sophomore - senior years)</p>

<p>Community Service:</p>

<p>Volunteered at The American Legion (sophomore)
Volunteered as town library (senior year)
Volunteered as a camp counselor at Camp Sunshine - for the mentally disabled (senior year)</p>

<p>Awards: </p>

<p>Academic Scholar - Awarded scholarship for ranking among the top ten students at my High School
National Honor Society
Spanish Honor Society
Garden State Scholar
Middlebury College Book Award - Received for academic excellence
Attended the 2005 National Youth Leadership Forum on Medicine in Boston - Received full scholarship to attend
Nominated to Who’s Who Among American High School Students 2003-2005
Nominated for membership in The National Society of High School Scholars
Nominated to be a Scholar at The National Youth Leaders Conference 2005 Nominated to attend the 2004 National Youth Leadership Forum on Technology Nominated to attend the 2004 National Student Leadership Conference</p>

<p>Sports: </p>

<p>Spring Track and Field (freshman and sophomore year)
Indoor Track and Field (freshman and sophomore year)
Football (4 years) </p>

<p>Also both my brother and sister graduated from UPenn</p>