<p>Hey i'm a junior and need some input on my chances.</p>

<p>GPA W: 91</p>

<p>Mostly AP and honors classes throughout entire highschool career </p>

<p>SAT I: 1820
SAT II Bio: taking in spring </p>

<p>Volunteer Ambulance Corps Member (80+ hours volunteer with them alone)
Volunteer at community hospital once a week
Travel hockey on one of the best teams in NY state
Travel baseball
Work at ski mountain teaching snowboarding
Avid Snowboarder
SADD club </p>

<p>White Male from NY. I'm looking to apply to UVM, Umass Amherst, SUNY Buffalo, Rutgers NB, and New Paltz. 1. Will i get in. 2. which one will i like the most (bio major)</p>

<p>easy going, dont want a cliquey school, partying is fine but not the only thing to do, really outdoorsy and would love the "full" college experience. thanks!</p>