<p>I am a junior, seriously looking at GWU to apply next year (I'm leaning towards ED1)
I am curious about my strengths/weaknesses and whether I should consider applying RD/ED. Also if you have suggestions for other schools I should look at, I am interested in politics, international affairs, and communications
Here are the stats:
-Will apply with a GPA between 4.1-4.2 weighted (my school doesn't show unweighted so I'm not exactly sure of that)
-SAT: 2180 (I am taking this a second time to gain an advantage from super scoring)
-ACT:32 (also taking this a second time)
-I have taken all ap/honors/advance/ib classes since freshman year
-APs: APUSH (5)
AP Micro/Macro (I haven't taken the ap test yet, but got a 5 on the practice macro final we took)
Senior year: AP Lit, AP Calc AB/AP Stats (haven't decided), AP gov, AP psych
also, I am taking IB Euro SL, and will probably take IB Asia SL
-recognized for national latin exam 3 years in a row
-silver medal national etymology exam
-Awards at local and state level for National History Day project
-Will most likely be National Merit Semifinalist ( I scored way above state average on the psat)
-Varsity Rowing
-Student Group on Race Relations (a very active organization at my school)
-member of Junto club (community service and discussion of current events)
-Marching Band
-volunteer at local film festival
-volunteer for political campaigns
will graduate with at least 250 hours community service
-6 credit hours at College of William and Mary for summer class (got an A)
-outward bound
-I work as a lifeguard during the summer</p>

<p>-strong essays (we write them in ap level english class)</p>

<p>I go to a public high school in ohio that is very competitive among the top 25 percent of its class, so I am worried that in a pool of applicants from my school I won't stand out.
Please let me know if you think I could get in, and if I could qualify for merit aid.</p>

<p>well you'll definitely get in ED - the EDers with similar stats to yours this year and last year got between 20-30k per year of merit money, plus any need based money you might qualify for. the perk of ED is first choice housing, which is nice. </p>

<p>for politics and international affairs here are the top 10 </p>

<p>The</a> Top Ten International Relations Undergraduate Programs | Foreign Policy</p>

<p>You have a great shot! Your testing numbers are all right there, easily up there with those who were accepted ED1 this year. Your awards and number of AP courses taken are super impressive, and I'm sure GW will love seeing how much you've obviously challenged yourself. You might should ask your guidance office what your unweighted GPA is, that's going to be really important to know when you're applying to colleges. As for merit aid, I believe so. A close friend of mine just got about $30,000 in merit aid alone, and he had the same ACT score as you. His class ranking and course load is actually less than yours, so I think you've got a great chance for that too. Good luck, and good job thinking about all of this early on!</p>

<p>oh my . you're set to go :)</p>