chances :)

<p>Hey, I was wondering if I have a shot at attending this great school. Thoughts?
SAT: 2270/ 780M, 790W, 700 CR
SAT II: 780 Bio, 740 MATH 2
ACT: 33......
Rank: 4/330
GPA: 4.0/4.0
APs this year: 6... trying to take more than 10 tests in May
Essay commonapp- Good-great.... too subjective to comment on
interview: tomorrow----- wish me luck!!
ECs- tutoring, bball coach, hospital volunteering, library volunteering, photography, religious studies, captain/president of cricket club, etc.
So, those are the basics. What is ur opinon? Thanks!</p>

<p>I suspect you are fishing for compliments, since you know you've got first rate scores and GPA.
Why don't you take a look at this, from a member of the AdCom: Inside</a> Admissions Tufts University Admissions Department</p>

<p>no, I was not looking for compliments. I love Tufts and feel that no school should be "easy" to get into, especially when the best of the students apply to this school. That is why I asked the question :)</p>

<p>i agree that it looks like you were fishing for complements. when you're looking at a school like tufts, as long as you're past a certain point numbers-wise, it's all about how much they like your essays and extra curriculars. and nobody on here can judge that without literally reading your application. you have high enough scores. you know that.</p>

<p>@bpd123- I appreciate the advice. lol, I am very pessimistic and think it is stupid to think that I have high enough stats to go to Tufts (for a great school like Tufts-- no one, in my opinion, should think that they have "high enough scores") . I think you understand what I'm saying...</p>