<p>So, I'll get right to it:
SAT: 2270... 780M,790W,700W, 11 essay
SAT subjects: 780 Bio, 740 Math 2
ACT: 33.....
rank: 4/330 (weighted)
GPA: 4.0/4.0 (unweighted)
Essays- pretty subjective... I think that they're good, but that doesnt mean too much haha
LOR: Great!
ECs: Ton of volunteering (bball coach, hospital volunteering, library volunteering, tutor, school volunteering)... alot of other stuff (making my own club for cricket. Will be president and captain of club.. sports writing).. pretty average. Most have been done for four years
APs this year: 6... attempting to take 11 tests in May
Those are the basics. I know that it is tough to give a "chance", but based on your experience, what do ya think? Thanks!</p>

<p>Pretty definite in if hooked/URM/ED, great chances no hook RD (45-60%), pretty good chances RD (25-40%) if not hooked and ORM. Also depends on your school's history of sending people to cornell - is it good or bad? If it's good (Many kids every year) You are pretty much in. Otherwise it's a gamble.</p>

<p>Wow, I'd pretty much say you're in... assuming that you're not an international student.</p>

<p>Thanks guys!
@colene- There are only 5 people that have been accepted to cornell from my school in the last 7 years.... so not that great for cornell specifically lol. But for other schools, there are usually 1-2 people who get into a school like HYPSM every year and 15ish people who get into top 20 schools...
@Gracetone- I am not an international :)</p>

<p>Ah so you'll probably at around the 30-45% range.</p>

<p>No, you're definitely not an "in" student as gracetone said. You have top scores, grades, and a lot of APs, but there isn't an "X" factor on your application as far as I can see (major award, EC, hook, etc). You have a solid chance, around 50%, a bit higher for ED, but you can still be easily rejected! What school/major are you planning on applying to within Cornell?</p>

<p>@cortana431- I want to major in biology and applied to two schools- CAS and CALS.
As for an "x" factor, i cant think of too much. Could my volunteer work with orphans in a third world country count? I wrote my commonapp essay on that and it turned out to be one of the better essays I have written. Everything else does seem pretty bland...</p>

<p>^that's actually not one of the things you want to write about on your college essay because it is a pretty common common app essay topic esp. among applicants to top schools. You should be alright though. I still go with the chances as i said earlier.</p>

<p>Everyone told me that... but I really wanted to write about it.... cant really explain it haha (I guess that it was too important to me to not write about it)... Thanks :)</p>

<p>Don't worry, if it's a really good essay and really represents you, then it's a fine topic.</p>

<p>Trust me. It's fine.
Cornell doesn't really care about the essays, despite what people say.
My main essay (unrevised) was an English homework from 11th grade and my supplement was less than 200 words.
I still was accepted in the end. What matters the most for Cornell is GPA/SAT scores.</p>

<p>^They generally do care quite a lot about your essays. Your case is probably pretty unique - don't know what happened there. Why would you do that in the first place.</p>

<p>I think you are doubt about that. However, to keep it in perspective, there will be over 10,000 applicants with similar stats. Ivies and similar schools are always a 50/50 chance for top applicants. Top schools deny hundreds of valedictorians and national merit finalists each year. Don't mean to be a downer...just keeping it real.</p>

<p>As I tell my D...the stats get you to the table...the rest is about filling "slots" and creating a class. It is a sweepstakes of sorts and your stats/ec's earned you a ticket!</p>

<p>raza68, pay attention to your essay - no matter who told you not to.</p>

<p>My D with 4.75 weighted GPA (4.0 unweighted), 15 AP's, ranked 1/435, ACT 34, SAT II's 790, 750 math and science, chair/president of several clubs, 200+ service hours, and varsity sports was waitlisted Cornell RD, and I think it's because she didn't pay much attention to her essay when she applied as a senior in high school. </p>

<p>No one can say anyone is a shoot in for Cornell, really. (Especially Cornell College of Engineering is hot and hard to get in because of it's high ranking among ivies and the recent beat of Stanford for New York tech campus bid.)</p>

<p>Do your best on essay and keep up your good work in high school and you have a great chance. Good luck.</p>