<pre><code>* SAT I: 650m 670v 640w
* SAT IIs: Math1-690 Math2-700 Bio-660 Amer. Hist-650
* GPA: 97w 93ish unwieghted
* Rank: 86/977 (top 10%)
* Other stats:Taking rigourus coursload


<pre><code>* Essays: Used common app so im submitting 3 in total
Personal essay: strong, makes me stand out
10$- train ticket to rhinebeck new york, to come back to Camp Rising sun, wrote about it, its a very selective, free, international leadership camp.
achademic essay- wrote about a class through which i did an award winning project.
* Teacher Recs: two strong letters about my charectar and achievements
* Counselor Rec: didnt read but probably very good as well
* Hook (if any): Im an Russian immigrant, raised by a jewish mother and muslim father (explained in personal essay)


<pre><code>* State or Country: NY
* School Type: Big, public
* Ethnicity:Caucasian
* Gender:Male
* Perceived Strengths/Weaknesses: weaknesses would be my grades, i could have studied harder and low SAT strengths would be my leadership+community service, essays


<p>Leadership in: Community service group, all four years of high school
and in Robotics team, i helped found the team and i am a key member, i run the website</p>

<p>I play varsity tennis, I play in the symphony orchestra (viola), And i participate in my school's enviornmental club. I won an award for a big research paper also.</p>

<p>hmm this is tricky...</p>

<p>i would have to say you have a 25-40 percent acceptance. lehigh can be pretty competitive.</p>

<p>33 percent chance.</p>

<p>how many APs are you taking?</p>

<p>that would increase your chances. it would depend on how rigorous your courseload is.</p>

<p>Im taking AP Physics, AP english, AP European my senior year, could'nt take AP calc because I didnt start H.S. with a term of Math A..</p>

<p>What were your scores on the AP exams last spring if you took any tests then?</p>

<p>haha terrible, didnt study, 2,3</p>