<p>SAT: 2340 (800 CR 740 M 800 W)
SAT2: 790 Bio M, 800 math 2, 790 USH
GPA: 3.8 UW 4.3 W
Rank: school ranking system is weird, but I know I'm at least top 5%, probably top 5 overall in a class of like 244
Other stats: 10 overall AP classes, 5 5s in eng lang, comp gov, apush, stat, and bio. I'm the second kid in my school's history to take 10 APs, the first being my older brother.
Senior coursework: AP lit, AP physics, AP pysch, AP spanish, AP Calc, and wellness and string ensemble.
Honors: National merit semi, a bunch of debate/speech awards that aren't worth listing (but a few are national level), won a few state level writing awards.</p>

<p>ECs: Debate (9-12)
Violin (birth-death), tons of orchestra, including regional, didnt get to audition for all state b/c of extenuating circumstances, but i'll probably get in this year.
Eurochallenge (made it to national semifinals)
Black belt 2nd dan TKD (bunch of years i forget)
Im really good at rubiks cubing
volunteer EMS, 300+ hourz
Math Team Captain+Founder
Science team captain, we got 7th place NE regional team last yearz</p>

<p>Essays: Gud
Teacher Recs: Debate coach and english teacher. They're both good writers so they should be good.
Counselor Rec: Prolly goodz </p>

<p>Location/Person: US
State or Country: CT
School Type: competitive Publicz
Ethnicity/Race: Asian yo
Gender: Male
Other factors: I didn't write like this on my essays, yo.</p>

<p>Thanks, yo.</p>