<p>I'm currently a senior in California.</p>

<p>Unweighted GPA: 3.951
Weighted GPA: 4.056 (increased to 4.171 after last semester)
Ranked 12th of 639 in graduating class</p>

<p>SAT I: 1950
Critical Reading: 540
Math: 710
Writing: 700</p>

<p>ACT: 30
English: 34
Math: 35
Reading: 26
Science: 24</p>

Chemistry: 700
Math II: 760</p>

<p>AP Scores
English Language: 2
U.S. History: 3</p>

<p>Extracurricular Activities
-2010 California State Youth Bowling Champion
-Ran a bowling fundraiser for a children's hospital
-French Club
-Science Club
-CSF (California Scholarship Federation)
-California State Youth Scholarship (bowling & academics)
-Director in local bowling association for two seasons
-Volunteer as youth coach (bowling)
-Website design (placed 2nd in local competition in my sophomore year)</p>

-I feel that my letters of recommendation were very strong
-I applied to the school of engineering with math as my back up major
-I did an interview with an alumni from MIT which I feel went well</p>

<p>Any feedback is greatly appreciated</p>

<p>Well, first off, as you already know, your test scores are low. Hopefully you didn't submit that SAT. Your ACT is better, especially since your math score is a 35.
Besides that, your EC's are very concentrated on science/ engineering/ math, which could be a negative.
I'd say MIT is a high reach right now. /:</p>

<p>^ Doesn't matter if s/he submitted the SAT score, Admissions only look at the scores that put you in the best light anyway.</p>