<p>Hi, i was wondering what my chances were of getting in to Tufts. I'm thinking about going into medicine or a medical field. I am completely in love with the school, campus, and selection of majors/classes, but I am really discouraged because I have a very low GPA (3.4 unweighted)
Currently as a junior i have taken all honors/aps possible for my school(AP US history and AP Humanities)
and Senior year I will take: AP Bio, AP Psychology, AP Lit, AP Chem, and AP Calc w. all other honors
My extra curriculars are:
-Allstate band 4 years so far, ranked 11 in state for clarinet
-Piano (played since I was 6, did a Virtuoso club for 3 years, and I volunteer every spring/winter/summer break at a shelter to play for the elderly)
-After School Band/Orchestra program
-Varsity Field hockey 3 yrs
-Varsity Outdoor track 3 years (coaches award)
-currently ranked 14th in long jump and 16th in triple jump
-National Honor Society member
-Volunteered at a pharmacy lab for 3 years
-Attended the Annual International Society of Toxicology conference to present 2 projects of data(2011)
-Will attend the 2012 conference as well ^
-Attended the 2011 Regional Society of Toxicology conference to present
-Volunteered at a hospital for 2 years
-Class historian for 3 years
-Volunteering in tutoring program at school
-Medical volunteering program at school
-Writing a newspaper article column series published in Asia
-SAT Score 2260</p>

<p>If anyone could give me advice or any helpful suggestions, it would be greatly appreciated!</p>

<p>Absolutley apply. You definitley stand a chance, especially with the solid SAT score.</p>

<p>I had a similar story to you, underwhelming GPA (little lower than yours), but great SAT's (little higher than yours) and I got in EDII. Definitely apply!</p>

<p>thanks so much, both of you. I'll definitely keep this in mind as I work on bumping up my gpa</p>

<p>You have a more than decent shot, and your GPA is still a work in progress.
Are you considering ED?</p>

<p>@ WCASParent, yes, I was thinking about applying ED, do you think that it would help out a lot?</p>

<p>It probably would</p>