<p>I'm still undecided between northwestern and washington U..i know, its pretty late to be finalizing my college list. Right now, I'm leaning more towards NW but I'm wondering which school is harder to get in? which one is better? and what are my chances?</p>

*gpa: 108W out of 100 (but kinda bad junior grades)
*SATs: 770v 720m 650w(completely crapped out on the grammar section)
*SAT 2's: 710 US History, still waiting on math 2c and lit scores
rank: 19/415 (so top 5%)
*school: its a semi comp school. i took the highest level classes
*EC's: co-chair principals advisory board, pres JSA, treasurer key club, secretary Red cross, cross country(not varsity, cuz my school team was like 2nd in state), track(hurdles), class rep, student council, head of fundraising committee of national honor society, woodwind choir(flute), hospital volunteer, internship at congresmans office, shadow District attorney, peer tutor, french honor society, lot of community service etc etc
*hook: i dont know? i was a counselor at camp for Kids from low-income families in the there anything above that would make a better "hook"?
*ethinicty: asian

<p>yeahh my EC's are kinda scattered. i dont know if that'll work against me. i already got into BC EA so i can take a chance on my college list. do you think I have any chances of getting in RD? or would washington U be easier (their applic is shorter too)?</p>