<p>i know... this is the craziest thought I ever had. what's my chances i'll get into Harvard? /: I love taking risks, I'm considering applying for this... My parents and friends are going to think i'm nuts, lol. But never hurts to try?</p>

<p>From freshmen year all the way up to first semester junior year, my gpa's weighted is 3.4... and my unweighted is 3.66. but so far my grades went up for junior year... i'm currently a junior. </p>

<p>im reaching straight A's so far. 2 A-... 3 A's... and 1 A+, so I'm not sure what my gpa is now.</p>

<p>I've taken two AP classes so far: APWH from sophmore year
And i'm taking AP lang this year.</p>

<p>I scored a 2 on my APWH test... 3: but yah</p>

<p>and i participate a lot too o_0 i'm running for event manager for key club, secretary for interact club and co-president for Jap-anime club all for senior year, I also join MCC and CSF... I also play piano and tennis.</p>

<p>and i'm also running for class secretary, and the results are still pending. If I don't win that, then I guess i'll do other leadership positions.
and hm i'm also planning to do an internship during the summer. And I'm planning to have another part-time job at my favorite store: Ichi-ban Kan or Mikkaido Kids .</p>

<p>For senior year i'll be taking:
AP bio
AP lit
AP gov/ honors econ
algebra II honors/ precal or stats <--(if i take summer school)
ceramics 2
leadership/ or concert band (if i don't take leadership)</p>

<p>soooo... what are my chances into getting into Princeton? I'm already planning my essay</p>

<p>Your grades aren’t great (most people will have very close to 4.0’s unweighted and weighted GPAs above 4.0) and your extracurricular activities don’t stand out (unless one of the clubs you have a leadership position in does something really big and awesome).</p>

<p>I really really doubt you’ll be able to get into Princeton (or Harvard).</p>