<p>I am a junior in high school and wondering about my chances for getting into Penn. Penn is my first choice of schools, and it would mean the world to me if I could get in. Here are my stats so far...</p>

4.25 GPA
11 Honors and AP classes (so far)
AP Scores: World, 5; Euro, 5; Gov, 5
AP Scholar Award
4.0 GPA for the past 4 semesters
32 ACT (took sophomore year)</p>

3 years (so far) on xc team
2 years (so far) on track team
1 year on varsity xc, track</p>

Vice president of SEARCH club (a school sponsored club that my friend and I started)
Peer Tutoring
Over 150 volunteer hours</p>

<p>One last thing...I was only able to compete my freshman year at the varsity level due to a hip injury. Will Penn be aware that I wasn't able to sustain that level of activity for four years because of my situation?</p>