<p>my high school gpa is alright (93% out of 100%)</p>

<p>i have taken the highest level classes i could throughout high school</p>

<p>SAT I Math 680, Verbal 690 (I took it again on Oct 9)</p>

<p>SAT II Writing 670, US 660, Math IIC 630 (I'm taking SAT II's again in Dec)</p>

<p>EC's Lots of music activites, speech contest, work, knowledge bowl, tennis, lots of volunteering</p>

<p>i want to apply to the Tepper School of Business.</p>


<p>my new SAT I scores are Math 720 Verbal 690</p>

<p>I also live in Wyoming, and I know at some schools this might help because they want people from out of state. Is this true for CMU?</p>

<p>Somebody please reply!!!</p>


<p>Any awards you've received? Also, what's your weighted GPA?</p>

<p>my weighted gpa is 93% on a scale that goes to 100%.</p>

<p>as far as awards go, i am in national honor society, i got a silver medal in a speech contest, i have been a soloist in my marching band the past 2 years, and i am the second overall trombone player in my county.</p>