<p>What are my chances?</p>

Boston University.<br>
East Carolina.<br>
Emmanuel College. University of Maryland (College park).<br>
University of Massachusetts (Boston) and (Amherst)<br>
Northeastern University.<br>
West Chester University. (PA).<br>
Marist university
Syracuse university
Hofstra university
Monmouth university
James Madison university
And please note if its possible for aid at any of these schools (I'm trying to decide what school I should apply ED or EA) (don't know the difference.)</p>

<p>White, southeastern PA resident + first generation college student.<br>
GPA: 88% (out of 100)<br>
Class rank: top 50% (very competitive private catholic school).<br>
SAT: 1850 (CR-640) (M-560) (W-650)__this is based of of a practice test in a prep book (haven't taken an official SAT yet.)<br>
Football: 9th-Freshman (team captain), 10th-V.<br>
Basketball:9th-JV, 10th-V,
intramural-11th (planning to play 12th).
Tennis- 10th-V, (will play 11th-V & 12th-V)(hoping to be captain senior year).<br>
World Affairs Club:9th, 10th, 11th, (12th) (secretary-11th) (VP-12th).<br>
Will be starting my own club next year (a student investors/money management club) will be the president of this club. </p>

<p>Jobs: I work for my fathers' business (a boat dealership and ship store)<br>
I also invest (1/2 of every dollar I make at that job) and have been relatively successful in the stocks I have chosen. (Not really sure this is considered a job) Hobbies: sailing, boating, wake boarding, surfing, and golf. (Not sure if this has any significance in my application.).<br>
I am planning on improving my SAT score quite a bit (via prep classes and prep books) and hoping to move it up to 1950-2000<br>
Don't worry about being harsh I understand some of these schools may currently be reaches, and also please offer suggestions for me (northeastern region, no further south than Maryland no further west than western PA.</p>

<p>Whoops sorry wrong forum</p>