<p>I am wondering what my chances are for getting into UT Austin, TAMU, Baylor, Rice, TCU, Georgia Tech, Purdue, and Texas Tech. (major in electrical engineering and minor in business)</p>

<p>Race: African-American (if it matters)
gpa: 3.5
class rank: 119/867 (top 13%)
6 AP classes
plan to get 1800+ on SAT
live in Houston
100+ volunteer hours
basketball, track, cross country
Class representative
Science Olympiad</p>

<p>Are you a sophomore? What is your home state?</p>

<p>im a junior and i live in Texas</p>

<p>A 3.5 GPA shows a lot of hard work so congratulations. But it will be considered on the low side for several of the schools. The competition from other OOS students will making GT and Purdue a big reach. The only match looks to be Texas Tech. UTA/Rice is a dream school for most people and will likely need a SAT of 2200 to receive any real consideration. The other Texas schools might be manageable if you can manage a 2000 SAT score. The minority thing could be of a help, but there are plenty of good black applicants at the top schools so it’s not something that one can bank on. GL</p>