<p>Hey guys,
I recentley interviewed at 9 bs, but now i have to decide which ones to apoly to and what my chances are at getting into those schools.
Right now my list of schools to apply to is:
My dad is alum- how much does this help?
I will be getting a personal rec from another alum who is high status. Will that help my chances?</p>

<p>I had a pretty good interview--my interviewer was kind of strange and it was very hard to tell what she thought if me.</p>

I had a very good interview and i think i have a very good chance.
I still dont know much about the school it would be so helpful to get more information abt it good or bad.</p>

Ok interview-- again hard to tell what they thought about me (is this a bad sign?)
I have a very close family friend who is a somewhat high prof alum and they coyld write me a very personal rec.
Is the school very conservative?</p>

<p>•Miss porters
Good interview.
Unsure about the all girls situation and i would appreciate it if anyone could tell me more about that experience.</p>

Very good interview
Friend who works in admissions.
This is my safety school, but at this point in would be thrilled to go to any of the schools on my list!</p>

<p>I am a good student with all A's except spanish which i have a b in.
I am a two sport athlete who would be interested in playing squash starting at thr intramural level and moving uo from there. I am also in some schools clubs. I attend a public school and am not international, which i understand could actually be a disatvantage.
I have not yet taken the ssats i will soon and i hope to score in the mid to high 80th percentiles. I would be applying for ninth grade and i would be interested to hearvany thoughts about applying for 9th vs. 10th and would not need any financial aid.</p>

<p>I would love to hear anything you have to say about these schools. Also should i add another safety school? Pomfret possibly? </p>

<p>What do u think my chances are?</p>


<p>Sorry about the numerous typos and spelling errors, i wrote this on my iphone.</p>

<p>Your chances sound good. Deerfield, Hotchkiss and Porters are very hard to get into but you sound like a good candidate. I am also in the application process. Berkshire may not be a good safety school seeing that it is on the “hot” list. It may help to get involved in your community a bit more and an arts education is very helpful (do you play an instrument or are you good at drawing or painting)</p>