<p>I have a 4.0 GPA, 4.39 weighted, and am involved in a plethora of extracurriculars (from running half of my student government, to being a lead news editor for my school's newspaper, to founding and being the CEO of a successful charitable business that helps the homeless, etc). I am also Hispanic, and write about my culture in one of my essays. My ACT is 32 (35 English, 33 Math, 30 Reading, 28 Science). SAT II: Math II: 750 USH: 710
APs: Mostly 4's and 3's (11 total AP classes after senior year is complete).
My essays are great and I feel very confident and passionate about them. I believe that my letters of rec. from my teachers are strong, and my principal insisted on writing a letter of rec. for me.
I am also an NHS officer, run Facebook pages with over 1 million total likes, invest and research the stock market, and have won the presidential award for community service (a national award).
Just curious as to what people think </p>

<p>When you ask in caps and use awful English people don’t reply. Also I sense that a lot of this has been fabricated, but what do I know. Anyways, you didn’t mention how you’re applying (RD/ED) or what school you will be applying to. Lastly, having a 4.0/4.39 but receiving 3’s on AP tests is a red flag for grade inflation.</p>

<p>@Cornell19‌ Schools dont see AP scores so hes fine </p>

<p>@ivykid4thewin‌ relax bro, your application is strong and theres nothing else you can do right now, so just relax </p>

<p>@thegrant‌ are you sure?</p>

<p>Even if you self report your AP scores on the common app, Cornell (and most schools) do not use AP scores as part of the admissions review process. In other words, they are not required elements of your app like the SAT/ACT/SATII are. If admitted, you can submit your official AP results in the summer to see if you will receive any credit for the scores you received so you can register for the appropriate classes. You should check the individual college’s policy on AP scores per subject to see what the minimum score requirements are.</p>