Hello! I’m a high school Junior from New Hampshire. The Illinois Institute of Technology is sort of my reach school, so I just wanted to get an idea of how far of a reach it is. I’ve seen tons of statistics and past students saying that it’s not that hard to get into, but the people posting their stats here and some of the things the school reports (such as the 88% of students that finished in the top 10% of their class) blow me out of the water.

My intended major is a Bachelor of Information Technology and Management with a specialization in Systems Security.

Physical Education: 94
Wellness: 93
Earth Science: 91
Web Design: 90
Biology: 90
French I: 89
Geography: 89
Economics: 87
English 9-Honors: 87
Algebra II Honors: 75 (I don’t want to make excuses, because colleges don’t care, but this was from the fact that ALL my math courses throughout the last three years have been first period. As a night person, 7 A.M. advanced mathematics haven’t gone over smoothly.)

Visual Basic: 93
Physical Education: 93
Intro to Physics Honors: 92
Adv. Visual Basic: 92
French II: 91
Global History: 91
Geometry Honors: 87
Civics/New Hampshire History Honors: 86
English 10-Honors: 84
Intro to Chemistry Honors: 81

Junior (based off first three quarters. Finishing up the last quarter currently):
Middle Eastern Studies: 98
French III: 98
Criminal and Civil Law: 94
Far Eastern Studies: 93
AP United States History: 90
AP Language and Composition: 87
Pre-Calculus Honors: 86
Chemistry Honors: 82
AP Computer Science (self-study through VLACS (Virtual Learning Academy Charter School, an online charter school): 98

Senior Year(next year):
AP European History
AP Biology (2 credits)
AP Literature and Composition
AP Calculus AB
Physics Honors
French IV
Intro to C++
Advanced C++

Academic Summary:
GPA: 89.43. Not reported on a 4.0 scale. Took every honors and AP class my school offers plus AP Computer Science online. Most rigorous/advanced course load available in my school.

Class Rank: 47/188 unweighted. Top quarter. Weighted rank is around 41, but that doesn’t count the first two years. Weighted grades weren’t introduced until halfway through my Junior year and they refused to apply them retroactively, so Freshman and Sophomore year remain unweighted.

7 AP Classes. Unknown number of AP Test Exam passes.

SAT (New):
670 - Math
730 - English
Composite - 1400

I know the math is low, but it was because it was my first time taking the test. I was not expecting such little time. Didn’t get to answer 14 questions. Recently retook it and got through every question. Will come back and ask for an advised opinion once I have that score, but feel free (please) to chance me using this.

I will be graduating as a New Hampshire Scholar.


Math Team - from 6th grade to the end of Senior year. Team has won the state competition twice throughout high school.

Technological Student Association - from Freshman year to the end of Senior year. I have won in the following competitions: System Control Technology (x2), Coding, Video Game Design (x2), On Demand Video (x2), and Tech Bowl. Competing in coding and software development next year.

VEX Robotics Competition - Freshman year through Senior year.

National Honor Society - Junior and Senior year.

Volunteering: 250ish hours total. Volunteer at a local science center, introducing children to the wildlife of New Hampshire.

Student Senate - Sophomore and Junior years. Probably Senior.

Youth and Government - Junior year. Probably repeated in Senior.

I know I’m below what the school typically gets, but just curious how outrageous thinking I could get in actually is.

From what I have seen in our admissions statistics, you have a very good chance of being admitted. The admission standards for the ITM program are not, on average, as high as for the engineering programs.