I am wondering what my chances of getting in for fall 2020 are at Denison.
I have a 3.6 unweighted gpa, (can still change by senior year, get higher) I had a rough sophomore year due to health issues, which are all described in the more info section on common app
I am applying test optional
Extracurricular activites:
Model United Nations 2 years
Yearbook design editor 2 years
Key Club member 2 years
On our towns democratic activism group, only hs student, I write blog posts, canvas and get the word out to people
I also volunteer at our local soup kitchen frequently.
I have taken 6 years of french as well as honors classes every year and 6 APs
My essay is very strong
I have visited campus and met with an admissions counselor, not sure if that makes a difference

oh… I also volunteer in our schools writing studio where I help students edit and perfect their papers

Be aware that without test scores, Dennison will put more emphasis on your GPA and course rigor. Your GPA is slightly lower than their average.

Be sure to ask your GC to address your health issues and hopefully upward trend in their LOR.