Hi I’m a junior from Illinois and was wondering what colleges I should look into. I have a 1050 PSAT and a 3.04W/2.83UW. I had to redo algebra in freshman year due to a D but so far this semester I have all A’s and B’s. I am hoping my ignorance from Freshman and sophomore year won’t hold me back from colleges like Mizzou, arizona, Marquette, Iowa state, Rhode island, Iowa and DePaul. However, I am very curious to know what colleges in the Northeast, southeast, Northwest and Midwest would fit my hopefully 3.3 weighted GPA/ forgive the 2.8 unweighted GPA as an underclassman. and maybe 25-30 ACT/ 1100-1200 SAT

Chances of Arizona, Arizona state, Kentucky, Kansas or Sosouth Carolina
Chances of Iowa, Iowa state, Mizzou, depaul, Marquette, Minnesota or Illinois at Chicago ?
Chances of UConn, Rhode island? Syracuse or NYU? (Bit of a stretch)

I think URI is a likely. UConn is a reach. Not super familiar with any of the others. UMaine would be a good safety and offer a tuition match program (same as your instate uni)