hiello! so i am from nova and i really wanna go to tech in 2021 fall. I am a current senior and my gpa is 3.5 (weighted). Now, there is a reason as to why my gpa is low…My family moved out of the country for 3 years and I basically came back in the beginning of sophomore year to my current high school. The grading scale is way different over there and the curriculum is extremely tough. So my “low” grades here are considered super high there and as such while translating the rest of my freshman grades to the american scale… they all turned out to be low.

I worked really hard for the next 3 years by taking a lot of AP’s and summer classes to make up for my bad start…but it really isn’t my fault.

I want to major in CS in Virginia Tech but I really don’t know what to do. Any suggestions? How are my chances? Do you think they will understand my situation?

I would talk to your guidance counselor on this. They will no better then most here.

3.5 is low - is there any way they can retranslate those or possibly exclude them from your GPA.

CS may be tough as the engineering dept. is particularly difficult to get into. If CS is your thing you may have to look elsewhere. There is BIT at Virginia Tech which is in business dept. and little easier to get accepted.

Thank you for you response.

What if i applied to the University Studies Major? Would that increase my chances?

Compared to CS - yes as CS and engineering are much more difficult to get in. However, realize that it is also very difficult to transfer in to CS from other majors outside engineering. Transferring into Pamplin (Business) and BIT should be doable or other majors in science department.

I am a female high school senior (In state), trying to find my chances in the VT Engineering school. Weighted GPA 3.98, SAT 1340 (Math 680 , SAT 660). Volunteer hours ~ 80. 8 AP classes, and few extra curricular activities (including a club I co-founded and am vice president of at my high school). I also have a twin sister, and we both want to go to the same college. She has a 4.35 gpa, not including SAT, same volunteer hours, takes all IB courses, and is also involved in extra curriculares (including being president of a club and co-chair of model UN). We were wondering what our chances would be of getting into this school, as it is our first choice and we aim to go to the same college. (We are not applying early decision as we both want to go to the same school, instead we are applying early action)

It is hard to tell from GPA. I would speak to your guidance councilor - if your GPA is in the top 10% of your school then you have a legitimate shot I would say. I would see about getting the SAT up a little more - I think with your weighted GPA under 4.0 (but again I don’t know how that stacks up in your school) you may want that math over a 700 being your looking at engineering. If you were not going for engineering I would say you definitely have a great shot.

Also looking for a “chance me.”

OOS female, California.
Intended psychology major.
3.95 GPA, 30 ACT superstore
Volleyball team captain, varsity starter 3 years
What do you think?

I think you have a fairly good chance - go for it. If VT is your first choice apply Early Decision - otherwise apply Early action.

civil engineering major, 96 GPA, 1470 sat. chances?

They are probably pretty good but no way to predict.