So I am a senior this year and really want to go to SUNY Brockport but my gpa is a 2.8. I have been participating in extracurriculars since being a freshman and even had a job

My SAT will be in the range from 1000-1200 hopefully closer to 1200. I will also have 3 recommendation letters and my freshman year is what is really killing me junior year my gpa was more like a 3-3.2 so I need help

Let me know what you think

I have also taken dual enrollment classes junor year such as Spanish and integrated algebra this year as a senior I am taking dual enrollment business as well as anatomy and dual enrollment english

Oh and last thing my gpa is an 82 and I wrote on my college essay how I’ve gone through adversity and had a brain tumor and cyst my entire life and I’m hispanic

Your GPA is a tiny bit low for SUNY Brockport, but not by very much - and your SATs look to be right in their averages. I think you stand a shot there, and should certainly apply.