I’m worried my GPA isn’t good enough alone. My current weighted GPA as a senior is a 3.28 and I don’t think my school does Unweighted, just weighted. I have taken a total of 2 honors classes(received Bs)(soph year) and 2 AP classes(received B’s)(junior year). This senior year, Im taking two AP’s, so a total of 4 aps and 2 honors. My average grades are usually 2 A’s and 4 B’s, but last year I underwent extensive surgery to get cochlear implants for my hearing loss, which caused my grades to drop for that semester. I ended up with 3 Cs and 3 B’s and i took 2 aps. This semester I have 5 Bs and 1 C, but the AP classes are a B. Before my surgery I did fairly well I think my GPA was a 3.5. I am asian American, and have severe bilateral hearing loss. I am co-presidnet of a club that is unique in the tri-state area, participate in 3 other clubs, started a chapter of a national organization in my school district and current co president of it, and was part of track for one years. I was supposed to do track my junior year but COVID came up, but hopefully this year . As for volunteering/extra curricular stuff, I’ve been part of a crisis call center for COVID-19, was about to volunteer at a hospital before the pandemic, but will do so when everything reopens, had my art published in a book, have a job, and accepted into the academy of arts pre college and am part of five other clubs, but I can join more. For SATs, I just took it, so we’ll see, but Im hoping for a 1360-1400. I am planning to write about the struggles and challenges of my hearing loss that I overcame. Specifically, about my surgery, when I realized that although I struggled significantly(which made my grades drop), other people have it so much worse and made me realize I’m privileged with the support I have, and because of this, I started the chapter of the national organization I mentioned earlier, and focused on advocating for students with disabilities. But overall, these are some of the specifics I plan to include on my application and I just wanted to see if with these stats and accomplishments and Extracurriculars, I would have a good chance of getting accepted? Im also thinking of going in undecided or maybe into the college of arts and sciences as a psych major.