<p>Hey guys,
I'm applying to Yale early action and was wondering what you all think of my application. </p>

<p>White male living near boston</p>

<p>Public high school, but a respected and challenging one. Full course load, all honors courses</p>

<p>AP courses: Junior year, AP History, scored 5 on the test
Senior year: AP Calc BC, AP physics, AP English, AP spanish</p>

<p>Good grades, ranked in the first decile (probably in the top 5 students out of 200 but the school does not give out ranks), GPA of 3.985 weighted...nobody at my school pulls off all A's</p>

SATI Verbal:790 Math:800
SatIIs: Writing 800, Math2c 800, physics 770, biology 790, world history 760</p>

<p>extra curriculars: I am big into playing the trumpet, I have been section leader in the schools jazz band (which is by audition) for 4 years, and have played in the concert and marching bands for 4 years</p>

<p>Lacrosse, varsity letters junior and senior year</p>

<p>math team, 4 years</p>

<p>participated in Harvard Model Congress junior year</p>

<p>President of the National Honor Society, with lots of community service hours</p>

<p>Summer Programs:
9th: went rock climbing in california, an Outward Bound program
10th: Did a marine biology/sailing program, Science at Sea, in Woods Hole for a month
11th: National Outdoor Leadership School trip backpacking in Alaska for a month</p>

<p>One teacher rec from my english teacher, "glowing", another from my physics teacher, also pretty solid</p>

<p>Do you guys think I have a chance...I just sent in my early app to Yale and am kind of stressed out about it. I wonder how much Yale will look down on the fact that I had a couple of B+'s last year, even though thats about as good as anyone does at my school. My grades for the first quarter of senior year should be all A's, however.</p>

<p>Thanks for any comments!</p>