<p>I love smu when I visited.. what are my chances</p>

<p>3.8 gpa
4 years of 2 sports
200 hundred hours of community service
1800 sat
dont know my rank
Key Club
Best buddies
some other clubs</p>


<p>Hot damn! I remember posting stats and ferociously checking these message boards exactly one year ago. haha. Well, chillin til 08, your numbers look good; you may want to try to raise your SAT score. Also, see if you can get some leadership positions for 1 or 2 clubs if possible (President, Treasurer, etc...). The thing is you can aimlessly write down all 30 clubs in which you are a member, but the admissions council would rather see 1 or 2 clubs in which you are actively involved. Also, make sure you have a really good personal statement. Try to get one of your teachers to edit it and stuff. Also, make sure you get excellent recommendations. These are pretty important. That's all I can really think of at this moment. But if you consider the aforementioned tips, there should be no problem of you getting in. Good luck. Lemme know if you have any other questions.</p>