<p>Hey there im applying RD but im a little worried about my stats especially since im not sending sat II</p>

<p>ACTs: i took them twice, composite of 30 twice [im taking them again in sept and october)
english: 25 31
math: 31 32
reading: 29 29
science: 33 26
writing: 11 10 combined: 26 30</p>

<p>(im not sending ANY sats [1890] or sat II[ math IC 690, us 580]) i dont test well on collegeboard tests</p>

<p>freshman year:
bio honors- B+
english honors- A+
math 10 honors- A+
global honors- A+
spanish honors- A+</p>

<p>sophomore year-
chem honors- A
english honors- A
math 11 honors- A
AP Euro- A
spanish honors- A</p>

<p>junior year-
AP Phyiscs B- B+
english honors- A+
Math Theory (hardest math course in school)- A
Spanish honors- A</p>

<p>Senior Year
AP Bio
AP Gov
AP Micro
AP Lit
AP Calc BC (one class w/ 27 kids, very selective)</p>

<p>gpa: 98.5/100</p>

<p>I will have very good recs</p>

School Paper
- Editor in Chief (12)
- News Editor (11,10)
Future Leaders of America
- President (12)
- Secretary (11)
- President (12)
- Treasurer (11)
- Vice President (10)
Science Project (on Tuberculosis, been working at Einstein Medical College since 9th Grade)
- Intel Science Talent Search Candidate (12)
- Rohm Haas Honorable Mention (11)
- 2nd Place Long Island Science Congress (10)
- Dupont Essay Candidate (9)
American Mathematics Contest
- Qualified (12, 11, 10, 9)
Community Service
- Co-President of CancerCare organization in HS (12,11)
- Caption for American Cancer Society Relay for Life (12,11,10,9)
- Multiple Sclerosis Walk-A-Thons (12,11,10,9)
- Executive Board for Senior Citizen Prom (12,11,10)
National Honor Society (12)
Spanish Honor Society (12,11,10)
student gov (12,11,10,9)
quiz bowl (12,11)</p>

<p>my dad went to wash u, active alum</p>

<p>comments, advice?</p>

<p>Your GPA is good and your ECs are strong, but your testing is real iffy. The 30 ACT - about a 1330 M+CR SAT score - while good for most other schools is below the 25th percentile for Wash U. You need to push your ACT up to at least a 32 (better, of course, is better). And not submitting any SAT2s...I know Wash U doesn't require them, but I don't think it will look very good. </p>

<p>I think your best bet is to push your ACTs higher, apply ED, make sure the admissions officers know you're a legacy, show lots of interest...and then make sure you have the apps from a bunch of other schools that you like almost as much ready to go. Most likely, you'll need them.</p>

<p>are you a current student? i heard the class of 2010 was really nerdy! is that true?! :)</p>

<p>The Class of 2010, according to many, is considered to be WashU's most talented entering class in recent memory. Unfortunately, no data has yet been released on the freshman class to my knowledge, but judging by my experiences here, the freshmen this year are quite bright.</p>

<p>Don't worry about the SAT II's--I didn't send any last year. Just work on getting the ACT score higher</p>

<p>I see you are from LI? What school?</p>