<p>I have a 31 ACT and about a 3.9 weighted GPA with lots of honors and APs. I have decent extracurriculars and currently live in Europe although I am a US citizen. I am also female (which may help?). What do you think my chances are? Also, how is Case for business?</p>

I think you're chances are pretty good, you'll likely even get some merit money, given respectable essays and recommendations. Case is usually bottom of the Top 30 for business. We have a pretty good sized co-op program that many students opt to participate in. If you have any other questions feel free to ask.</p>

<p>Princeton Review has Case in the most unhappy students category. It seems to have that reputation. How much money do you think I might get? How are the dorms and food and stuff?</p>

The Princeton Review thing has come up on here before. I'd say Case is what you make of it. If you want to have a good time, meet people and go do stuff there's plenty of stuff to do. If you want to sit in your room and play video games and be unhappy you can do that too. I think another reason why some people are unhappy is that the school is academically challenging and some people have a tougher time make the transition college, that said it certainly isn't impossibly difficult you just have to balance things. I think you might get 1/2-3/4 tuition. I don't know exactly what a 31 ACT converts to SAT wise, I'm guess 2100?? on the new scale. The dorms are pretty nice, typical doubles with a common bathroom/kitchenette/downstairs common areas for 1st year students. Suites of 6 students with either 2 doubles & 2 singles or 6 singles with a shared bath & kitchenette & living room for 2nd years. Appartments of 2-9 students with full kitchens, larger common areas and more bathrooms for upperclassmen. The upperclassmen rooms are all 120 sq ft.+ with doubles beds and were built in 2005. The food is usually pretty good there's a great salad bar and lots of options, I'm still on the meal plan even though I could opt off. Feel free to ask any other questions.</p>

<p>My daughter is a freshman at Case this year. Every time I talk to her she is off to do something new. She couldn’t be happier. I think she is getting involved and making good use of her time. She mentioned that her classes are hard, but she came from a very competitive high school. So far she thinks she is doing well. She received about 1/3 merit scholarship and had a 30 ACT and exceptional EC and recs. She LOVES Case. I just wish it was closer, we live in NJ and she can only come home on long breaks. I think she would recommend CASE to anyone wanting a great education in a city with a lot to do.</p>