<p>Candid assessments are appreciated for my chances at Georgetown (Regular Decision)</p>

GPA: 96.48 (F- 94.9; S- 97.1; J-97.4)
Rank: 13/372 (Top 3%)
SAT I: 2290 (CR- 700, M- 790, W- 800)
SAT II: Math Level 1- 740, Biology- 690, Literature- 660</p>

Math Club - Officer, Vice-President, President
Mathlete Team - Captain
Merit Certificate - New York Math League
Silver - County Interscholastic Math League
National Honor Society
Honor Roll every semester
National Merit Semi-Finalist
Studio Art course (will send supplemental slides)
2nd Place, schoolwide Art Contest
Spanish Club - President
School Newspaper - Feature Editor, Culture Corner Editor
Local Youth Football Clinic - Volunteer Assistant Coach
General Student Organization volunteer
Published by The America Library of Poetry
1st Place, school Biology Fair
Brown University Summer Program
Volunteered at Special Olympics
Babysitting job</p>

<p>Location: Long Island, NY
School Type: Private (Catholic)
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Gender: Male</p>

<p>I'd say you have a good chance. Just a few questions. Is your school Jesuit? Is it a feeder school? It sucks because you got an 800 on the Writing section and Gtown doesn't look at that. Just to give you an example. I have a 2190 SAT, but for Gtown my SAT is 10 pts. higher because I got a 700-CR and 800-M (690 W, but it doesn't count for them). The other factor that is gonna affect your chances is the rigor of your schedule. How many AP/IB classes did you take? Honors are nice, but colleges like Gtown wanna see AP if your school offers it. Also, I'm assuming you are applying to the college? Not MBS, SFS, or the Nursing school. Nothing really stands out, but that doesn't mean you won't get in.</p>