<p>My daughter is a senior enrolled in an agricultural magnet high school program in Connecticut. The agricultural magnet program is fully integrated with the regular academic curriculum within the high school, so D has been able to take a traditional honors/AP college prep sequence while also studying veterinary science for the past four years. The magnet program also requires that she log at least 200 hours of animal related work experience each year, which she has substantially exceeded. The magnet program is supposedly one of the best of its kind in the country, has won numerous awards for the quality of its instruction, and was recently featured on a PBS special about agricultural education. D's eventual goal is to attend vet school, so she's thinking about majoring in animal science at U-Conn, but I'm worried about her high school GPA. There is NO grade inflation in D's magnet school program -- it's tough! Her cumulative GPA through the end of her junior year is about a 3.0. For ranking purposes, her GPA is weighted, but the weighted GPA doesn't appear on her transcript. Her class rank is 42/178 (23rd percentile as of the end of her junior year), ACT composite of 31 (98th percentile) and her SATs are 1930 (90th percentile). ECs: vice president of the school's FFA chapter (300+ kids), winner of several regional, state and national FFA competitions, 4-H, formed her own company to start a horse training and equestrian lessons business, church/community involvement, equestrian sports (competitive riding/showing, polo, rodeo), 1st chair oboe player in school band, Tri-M music honorary society. She has also been taking college classes at U-Conn since her sophomore year as a non-degree student (four classes with a 3.25 average so far) and she should graduate from high school with about 42 semester hours of college credit, including AP. What are her chances for admission at Storrs? Thanks!</p>

<p>she should be ok... match-slight reach maybe</p>