<p>this isnt for me, its for a friend whos really nervous about brown…</p>

<p>hes white, fluent ukranian, upper middle class</p>

<p>GPA - uw - 3.9, w is a 4.4
1460/2190 on the SAT
school doesnt rank but if it did hed b top 5%, and he has taken one of the most demanding courseloads in our school
740 sat 2 us hist
720 sat 2 math 1</p>

<p>this is his resume he asked me to proofread</p>

• EARTHWATCH INSTITUTE EXPEDITION: DESERT ELEPHANTS OF NAMIBIA – volunteered in a 21-day research mission to determine how humans and elephants can coexist in the hyper-arid environment of northwestern Namibia (2005)
• CROSS CULTURAL SOLUTIONS: SUCRÉ, COSTA RICA – embedded into a rural Costa Rican family, served as an exchange-student, and helped restore national parks (2004)
• WEEK ON WASHINGTON – chosen as representative to go to Washington, D.C. and get a first hand look at national politics (2005)
• BROWN UNIVERSITY SUMMER STUDIES: INTRODUCING THE CRAFT OF JOURNALISM – learned to write a compelling story and collect information with professor Tracy Breton (2004)</p>

• JOHN G. ATWOOD GOOD GOVERNMENT PRIZE – “Awarded to a junior student who best demonstrates an understanding of and appreciation for our form of government, its unique contribution to history, and its status as an inspiration to peoples of the world.” (Grade 11)
• FAIRFIELD UNIVERSITY AND SIKORSKY AIRCRAFT CORPORATION EXCELLENCE IN MATHEMATICS AND SCIENCE AWARD – “To a junior who has demonstrated excellence in mathematics and science and who has expressed an interest in pursuing a career in engineering, science and technology.” (Grade 11)
• COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY BOOK AWARD – awarded to one student “in the junior year who has shown outstanding academic achievement.” (Grade 11)
• AMERICAN MATH CONTEST (AMC) 12 – one of three to score over 100 to qualify for the AIME
• NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY – membership awarded to those students who display outstanding performance in the areas of scholarship, service, leadership, and character (Grades 11-12)</p>

• CLASS COUNCIL – Junior Class President 2005-2006, Senior Class Vice President 2006-2007
• BANDURA - played the bandura, traditional Ukrainian instrument, from 2000-2005 in a church trio
• ACOUSTIC GUITAR – lead singer and rhythm guitarist for “Minnow” formed in 2004
• BILINGUAL – able to read, speak, and write the Ukrainian language</p>

• EARTHWATCH INSTITUTE – member of the Expeditioner Society helping to make the public aware of environmental issues (Grades 11-12)
• SPECIAL OLYMPICS OF CONNECTICUT (SOCT) – Athlete Escort Volunteer assigned to an individual athlete to bring to staging areas, lunch, competition venues, and Olympic Town (6-12)</p>

• VARSITY BOYS TENNIS(9-12) – Varsity letters for four years, CIAC State Class M Doubles Semi-Finalist 2005, SWC Doubles Finalist 2005, SWC Doubles Champion 2006, captain senior year </p>

• ACADEMIC TUTOR – tutor several students (7-12)
• ASPETUCK VALLEY COUNTRY CLUB – worked as chef in the Snack Bar and Main Kitchen and promoted to Assistant Manager (11-12)</p>

<p>hes also got legacy, and hes applying ed</p>

<p>i think hes more or less a shoe in… what do you all think</p>

<p>excellent chances</p>

<p>Dang, 0ne good solid candidate. I'd say pretty good chances</p>

<p>yes, he looks like a rather well rounded applicant.</p>

<p>he doesnt think his interview went that good tho... it shouldnt matter that much, evn if he had a bad one, should it</p>

<p>I don't think Brown's interviews count very much. A lot of people on CC say that it doesn't even play much of a part in admissions.</p>

<p>I used to think that too but during my interview, my interviewer told me that they can be pretty significant. He said they sometimes even read the report aloud to the committee. I think it can only help though.</p>

<p>My interviewer said the total opposite, though...he said he thinks they just read it to get a non-biased impression of you. By "non-biased", I mean that the interviewer doesn't previously know you and he has nothing to gain by writing you a good recommendation.</p>

<p>this person just got deferred... he called to ask why and they said it was becasue for the first quarter he had two b+s (ap calc and ap bio) so they deferred him... such ********</p>

<p>I can almost guarentee you that's NOT the case.</p>

<p>I just can't imagine why a school would give an individual reason as to why someone was deferred. If they did that with every student, they basically hand out an instruction manual as to how to get accepted RD.</p>

<p>I don't know if I'm crazy but that just doesn't seem right.</p>