<p>What are my chances?
GPA 3.967
ACT 23
Senior Schedule
1) AP comp and lit
2) Math analysis
3) Anatomy and Psychology
4) Leadership
5) Decisions
6) Third year college credit Spanish </p>

<p>2nd Semester
7) AP comp and lit
8) Math analysis
9) Organic/Advanced chemistry
10) Leadership
11) American political behavior
12) Third year college credit Spanish </p>

<p>Extra Curricular activities
1) Four year varsity swimmer
2) Treasure for SADD, one year
3) Three years as a young Republican. Currently Vice President.
4) President of the AV Communications Club, two years.
5) Three years of National Honors Society.
6) Worked at the YMCA for one year.
7) Worked as a bus boy for one year.
8) Worked as a swim instructor/ lifeguard for three years.</p>

<p>Easy in. You should negotiate a generous financial aid package--you're much more qualified than the average Dominican student.</p>