<p>Im just curious about my chances:</p>

<p>800 Math, 720 Reading, and 790 Writing,
I have done three interviews that all went really well, and I have become good friends with the admissions staff.
GPA 4.4, Honors courses over the past 4 years: 11,
I play three varsity sports and am a captain for all 3
I was inducted inducted into the cum laude society as a sophmore,
and I have served as president of my class for 3 of the last 4 years.
I am also working as an intern at the local hospital for 15 hours per week.
Through my work at the hospital I was able to publish 5 differnt medical reviews featuring the reaseach of me and my collegaes. I have visited campus 3 times and I even mailed in my application 2 months before the deadline.</p>

<p>once they get your 380 writing score and see that you lied, you'll be rejected for sure.</p>


<p>well said, sunny ^^</p>

<p>maybe nellboy was a fiction writer</p>


<p>Ya truly a fiction writer.</p>

<p>HAHAHA :)</p>

<p>With that stat i would have tried Princeton, MIT...</p>