<p>Dad went to Cornell...
GPA(weighted): 4.4
ranked 5/258
taken the highest level classes possible, 8 AP's by the end of this year
AP Honor with Distinction</p>

<p>ACT: 31, scores: Eng. 31, Math 32, Reading 30, Science 34
SAT's....meh. 1750</p>

Track and Field:all 4 years, 3 Varsity Letters(going for 4), Top Sprinter In the school, once was a record holder, possible captain
Indoor Track: all 4 years, 1 varsity letter(hasn't been offered until last year)
Cross Country: 1 varsity letter, 2004 most improved Runner
Mock Trial: 3 years, currently lead attorney(leadership position)
Student Gov: 4 years, executive board member
National Honor Society: 3 years
Mu Alpha Theta: 3 years
100+ community service hours</p>

<p>Summer actvities:
-Buckeye Boys State Participant
-Washington University in St. Louis High School Summer Scholars Program(5 week program)</p>

<p>applying to CAS with a government major</p>

<p>I think you definitely got in....but your SAT is going to be a big problem, considering the fact that you dont get into the middle 50%, (below 25%) with the 1750 out of it a typo?...
Everything else looks great, and I think Cornell is one of the schools that put less emphasis on the SATs than the other IVYs
You should definitely try to take SAT prep and lift it up</p>