<p>Yarg I know you get this alot but I just got SAT scores and they were better then expected so I might apply to Cornell. Currently a Junior. </p>

<p>Freshmen Year:</p>

<p>Honors English - B B
Honors Math - A A
Honors Biology - A A
History - A A
Band - A A
Spanish 2 - A A</p>

<p>Sophomore Year:</p>

<p>Honors English - A A
Honors Math - A A
Honors Chemistry - A A
History - A A
Wind Ensemble - A A
Spanish 3 - A A</p>

<p>Junior Year (most likely):</p>

<p>Honors English - B B
Honors Advanced Precalc - A A
Honors Physics- A A
AP US History - A A
Wind Ensemble - A A
Honors Spanish 4 - A A</p>

<p>Senior Year Schedule:</p>

<p>AP BC Calc
AP Chemistry
AP Music Theory
AP English
Honors IR
Honors Microbiology/Anatomy</p>

<p>SAT - 2180. 760 M 740 CR 680 WR</p>


<li>3rd place in regional chemistry competition</li>
<li>4 years of percussion ensemble which was invited to Music Educators National Convention and National Percussion Festival, 800+ hours of work a year</li>
<li>200+ Community Service Hours</li>
<li>Volunteer at local hospital</li>
<li>NHS (most likely)</li>
<li>4 Years Marching Band 2 years as section leader</li>

<p>I dunno about Essays but recommendations should be fantastic. One from US History teacher and one from Math teacher. </p>

<p>Should I apply or just look beyond the Ivy League?</p>

Should I apply or just look beyond the Ivy League ?


You should definately look beyond it. Common, you know that colleges like Harvard, Cornell and such just suck! You have near 100% chance of being admitted into MIT.</p>

<p>uh for MIT i doubt it. MIT is very hard and basically as I have said before MIT basically "reserves" spots because its that darn hard</p>

<p>So much confusion in three posts. ktoto, u missed what the OP was trying to say, and the OP missed your sarcasm.</p>

<p>...unless, i'm the only one who's confused and u both got it right. :confused:</p>

<p>im confused now after reading what nameless said. lol</p>

<p>hahaha i didnt mean like MIT but i meant less competitive schools...</p>