<p>Ok my first chances topic since nothing seems to be going on in the Wells college forum and SUNY Cortland/Oneonta are nonexsistant. On collegeboard and Princeton Reviews Ithaca keeps popping up as a possible school for me. So with that..</p>

<p>white male
Intended Major: Journalism/Communication/Writing or Publishing
3.1 GPA (UW)
SAT 1: (hopeful future scores) CR: 530, M: 540, W: 560
I plan to take SAT IIs in Math 1, Literature and U.S. History, possibly Biology
Varsity Athlete (Indoor Track/Tennis)
Clubs: Key Club, Literary Magazine, School Newspaper
AP courses for senior year: AP English Lit and Comp
Parttime job over summer</p>

<p>I know a lot of it is " don't actually have this yet" but I'd just like to see my current chance.</p>

<p>i got in with a similar have a good chance</p>