<p>HS junior, attend a competitive math and science magnet school and a public high school (for my non-math/science classes) in Kalamazoo, Michigan.</p>

GPA - 3.98 unweighted/ 4.73 weighted</p>

<p>10th grade courses:
Hon. English
Hon. Gov’t / Hon. Econ.
Spanish III
Latin 1000, 1010 @ Western Michigan University
Computer Science
Calc BC
Current Topics in Science (1/2 credit–sem 1)
Evolution of Scientific Thought (1/2 credit–sem 2)</p>

<p>** All A’s except second sem. Calc. BC (A-)**</p>

<p>11th grade courses:
IB English I
IB Spanish IV
Latin II
Ancient World History (sem. 1) / Contemporary International Studies (Sem. 2)
Advanced Physics
AP Chemistry
Advanced Calculus
Research (we get a half credit for 2 years of research)
Bioethics (1/2 credit)</p>

<p><strong>All A’s for first sem.</strong>*</p>

<p>12 Grade Courses (Hopefully):
IB English II (HL)
IB Spanish V (HL)
IB Latin III (SL)
IB/AP Psychology (SL? I think…)
AP Statistics
Biomedical Science
Mentorship (1/2 credit)
Research (1/2 credit)</p>

<p>-Courseload… most rigorous (except for 2 non-honors courses b/c honors wouldn’t fit into my schedule)</p>

<p>Ethnicity: Indian (female)
Socio-Economic Status: Middle-Class</p>

-Highest Honors at KAMSC (math/science magnet) & home school
-Varsity Letter-Forensics (9th)
-Novice State Champion (9th)
-10th–oratory speaking: 1st in district, 3rd in region, 8th in state
-11th–oratory speaking: 1st in district, region/state-tba
-Young Epidemiology Scholars–$2000 scholarship winner + semi-finalist, will compete in April for up to $50,000
-Intel Science Competition–Air Force Award for Regional Science Fair winners
-Probably a National Merit Semi-finalist/finalist
-$500 scholarship from Kalamazoo College for attending a 2-week medicine camp (all expenses paid)
-lots of random ones that I can’t think of right now
-my research on adolescent depression is going to be published in a science journal this summer</p>

-Forensics-6 years, team captain next year
-Latin Club-2 years
-Spanish Club-co-founder-1 year (it’s new)
-Youth Advisory Board -3 years, executive board member
-Research Team (YES/ISEF–mentioned above)
-Indo-American Youth Group-3 years, volunteer chairperson
-JETs team (Junior Engineering/Technology)
-Volunteer with the Red Cross + Hispanic American Council
-Viola (8 years)
-Soccer (6 years)… but don’t want to play in college</p>

<p>Volunteer Work:
Through the Youth Advisory Board…
-volunteered at senior centers, children’s hospitals
-worked at daycares + schools to teach underpriveledged kids about drugs and alcohol
-conducted compliance checks at gas stations and grocery stores in southwest Michigan
-vendor education (sample places as above)
-30 hours as a TA, Hispanic American Council
-30 hours working with the Red Cross (blood drives, phones, etc.)
-50 hours volunteering at my local library
-100 hours as a TA, math/science camp for little kids</p>

<p>Hobbies: Photography, Cooking, Public Speaking</p>

<p>Hook: Umm… idk. my biggest commitments are research and forensics. hopefully I’ll win some more research scholarships and do well at states/make it to nationals in forensics :stuck_out_tongue: also, i’m indian and female, but i’m not sure that either of these can be considered a “hook”</p>

<p>ACT: 33
SAT II: Math II-700 (but I’m retaking), will also take Latin, Chem
APs: Calc AB-4, I’m going to take Calc BC and Chem this year
Next year I’ll take AP stats, AP psych</p>

<p>I’m thinking about going into medicine or journalism. This summer I think I’ll be going to an all-expenses-paid journalism camp. If I get a scholarship, I may also go to a HY or standford summer camp, too.</p>


<p>Amherst (of course)
U Chicago
U Mich (but I won’t get the Kalamazoo Promise)
Kalamazoo College – safety</p>

<p>I visited Amherst over the summer and, at first, the beauty of the campus was really overwhelming. I’m not a very nature-y person, but I was in love by the end of the tour and info session. I realize that most of the schools on my list are reaches, but they’re worth a shot, right? Any feedback is appreciated :slight_smile: Thanks!!</p>

<p>wow those are amazing stats you have over there, I think you should definitely get in. But keep in mind when writing your app to come across not just as a bunch of stats, but as a REAL person with feelings and values and expressions - and your app should be synchronous...find something in there that you think really defines you ( and not a 100 other peeps like you lol ) and just go for it. YOU'll get IN</p>

<p>Wow, well done
I believe you have a great great great shot at Amherst, definitely apply, with decent essays you should be in prime position to be accepted.
If not at Amherst, definitely a couple of other great schools on your list will happily accept you.</p>

<p>thanks, orasool :) that's really good advice</p>

<p>any time :)</p>

<p>After this whole experience I realized how subjective and capricious this whole process is. You just don't know. I think if you really like Amherst just try your best and go for it!</p>

<p>You have a good chance, but the essays are incredibly important. And yes, they want to know who YOU are in them, not just stats and bright. D wrote about her love of roller coasters, and it made her seem real. There are no interviews, so give them your all! Good luck!</p>

<p>thanks for the feedback!</p>