<p>Hi, What do you think my chances are Early Decision?
Rank: 16/550 SAT I ( took twice, highest math-710, highest verbal-800)-1510 cumulative (1410 and 1420 separately)
GPA(weighted, unweighted)- 4.42, 3.97</p>

<p>Courses: All honors/AP. Last year English (5), AB Calc and US History (4).
Now: School newspaper, AP Psych, AP Governemnt, AP English, AP statistics, Physics Honors..took 4 yrs of spanish.</p>

-Write in teen section of biggest South Florida Newspaper, School newspaper, Treasurer of Model U.N, Book Club(Charter Member), Math Academic Games, NHS, Spanish NHS, Mu Alpha Theta (Math NHS)</p>

<p>Good recommendations from my two teachers ("one of the top few students i have met in my 22-year teaching career" lol), haven't gotten one yet from my guidance counselor.</p>

<p>so....what do you think?</p>

<p>any honours or awards?</p>

<p>your academic stats are pretty impressive.</p>

<p>All the honors and rewards that come with Straight A's, Honor Roll, top 5 percent of class, recognition from model u.n, good scores on FCAT (the florida standardized test)..but nothing else really. We might end up getting 2nd or 1st place team in the county for math academic games, but thats pretty much it.</p>

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<p>i think that you will most likely get in</p>

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