<p>Freshman at Tier-2 four year college applying for sophomore standing.
HS GPA: 3.6
ACT: 28
College GPA: 3.8
EC: NASA internship and other various things (sports, clubs).
Good recs and good essay writer.</p>

<p>What are the chances of transferring to any of these institutions? I'm deciding whether I should apply because they are all out of state and my ACT score is not very high. </p>


<p>*- Top choices. I also applied to Mich before, but was deferred then rejected.</p>

<p>Aside from your low ACT score, I'd say you'd be a solid applicant to all of those schools. </p>

<p>Have you considered retaking it? I know some schools (Brown for instance) won't take scores from standardized tests taken since entering college, but I would find out, as retaking might be exactly what you need.</p>

<p>Best of luck.</p>

<p>Purdue - Greatest chance
UCBerk* - more likely to be rejected, but worth trying
UCLA - might be easier than Berkeley
UNC - definitely have to try
UMich* - Good chance and more likely to be accepted(their transfer admission rate is really high)
UVA - Will be harder than Michigan
Hopkins - Not sure
Penn - more likely to get rejected, but you should try
USC - Not sure
Rice - Not sure</p>

<p>The prerequisites for UMich into the college of engineering include:</p>

<p>Prerequisites include:
* four semester credits of English composition
* two years of math including Calculus I, II, III
* linear algebra and differential equations
* general physics I and II (calculus-based) with labs
* one semester of general/inorganic chemistry or higher and labs (Chemical Engineering will also require organic chemistry)
* one semester of a computer course in "C" or "C++."
* three or four courses taken in the humanities and social science areas are recommended.</p>

<p>Since I am only a freshman, and I havne't had two years of college math, does that mean I cannot transfer into the CoEngineering in sophmore standing?</p>