<p>I'm a female, 18, a native of Houston
Applying to school of Social Sciences at Rice</p>

<p>-SAT 670v/650m
-ACT 30
-SAT II Writing 800, Math IC 670, Literature 710
-solid teacher and counselor rec
-All Honors courses throughout highschool, with the exceptions of requirements that were not offered in honors courses
-AP classes: World History, English III, U.S. History, English IV, Calculus, Physics B, Government, Macro-Economics, Psychology *thats all that has been offered every year prior to this one, and almost every class I am enrolled in this year is AP
-All A's and few B's throughout highschool
-Top ten percent
-6.5 weighted gpa (6.0 scale)
-Gifted/Talented Program, National Merit Finalist, National Honor Society (11, 12) National Society of High School Scholars, National Honor Roll, Who's Who
-Clubs/Activities: NHS, Girl Scouts (grade 1-12, Silver Award and Leadership Pin recipient) Spirit Club (Officer) Senior Women (Initiator for this year, President) Literary Club, Key Club International, Drill Team for 3 years (nationally recognized team), Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Church related activities
-Active in community service</p>

<p>What are my chances of getting in? I am applying early decision I.</p>

<p>Also, suggestions of other schools I should apply to? Thanks.</p>

<p>good reach. CFISD?....get rid of National Honor Roll and Who's who, and Gifted and Talented Program. Let your NMSF standing do the talking.</p>