<p>I was wondering if someone could help with my admission chances? :)</p>

<p>I have a 4.2 W GPA and a 3.75 UW GPA. 40 of 573 class rank.
My low SAT Score, a 1930, is pretty awfully distributed.
CR 580. M 650 W 700.
I just took the ACTs and am waiting to receive my scores back.
I'm involved in many extracurricular activitys:
Editor In Chief of the Yearbook
Varsity Soccer
Varsity Indoor Track
Varsity Cross Country
JV Lacrosse
President of Ophelia Club
National Honors Society
Freshman Scholars
Sophomore Scholars
Vice President of Freshman Class
Delegate of Sophomore, Junior, and Senior Class
Manager of Varsity Boys Soccer Team
I have also taken many AP classes already:
AP Environmental Science
AP World History
AP Language and Composition
AP United States History
AP Statistics
I also plan to take the following next year:
AP Literature and Composition
AP Modern European History
AP Calculus
AP Psychology