<p>Ethnicity: Asian</p>

<p>GPA: 3.84(UW) 4.23 (W)
No Rank at my school
SAT I: 2170
CR: 640 M: 780 WR: 750 (11 on essay)
SATII: Math 2C - 800
Bio - 670
Chem - 730
US History - 720
Korean - 800
AP Scores:
Chem - 5
Bio - 4
US - 4</p>

<p>Senior Year Schedule:
AP Government
AP English Literature
AP Spanish
AP Calculus
AP Physics

<p>Junior Year Schedule:
AP Chemistry
AP Biology
AP US History
H Euro Lit
H Spanish 4
H Pre-Calc

1 year particpation in nation wide orchestra
4 year participation in state wide orchestra
Principal position at a locally famous orchestra
Invited by professional orchestra to perform with them
Gave a speech at the opening of the regional performing arts center
Volunteered at local hospital and research/clinic center
Raised more than $3000 for clinical research
Embarked on medical mission to Guatemala for 1 week - distributed thousands of used glasses and medications
4 years of medical club at school (currently president)</p>

Alumni Recommendation available - he's a famous musician from the local professional orchestra
Great rec from science teachers
Possible Rec from local research/clinic director</p>

<p>Job experience:
Earned more than $500 teaching music to children</p>

300+ hours</p>